Stories of the Bahamas

History of the Bahamas

Geography was a big part of the history of the Bahamas. Christopher Columbus landed in San Salvador in 1492. When he saw how shallow the ocean was all around the islands he said "baja mar", which means "shallow water" and that's how the Bahamas came to be named.

Since the Bahamas is so close to Florida and well-travelled shipping routes, the islands became a convenient and popular stop for explorers, settlers, invaders and traders and even pirates. All these people helped to shape the history of the Bahamas, making it what it is today.

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The Islands of the Bahamas were an important place during the golden age of piracy. Pirates and privateers would use the many small islands coves to hide their treasures after plundering the ships that would pass through on the shipping lanes. Most of the pirates you have heard about such as Blackbeard, Calico Jack or Sir Francis Drake, used the Bahamas as their port at some time in history.

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Myths and Legends

There are some very interesting and strange myths and legends about the islands of the Bahamas. Find out more about the wicked Lusca, half- shark, half-octopus, who lurks in deep underwater caves, or learn how to charm the mischievious chickcharnies that live in the trees of Andros. Find out why some people think the Lost City of Atlantis was in the Bahamas.

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