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Bahamas For Kids

Hey Kids! Are you ready for a fun trip to the Bahamas?

The Bahamas is a fun place for kids of all ages! Find out heaps of cool things about the Bahamas islands. Play some games, read fun stories and color pretty pictures. Learn more about the music of the Bahamas and oodles of other fun stuff.

Cool Things About the Bahamas
How much do you know about the Bahamas? Did you know that the Flamingo is the national bird? FlagOr that the Bahamas has 700 islands? Find out what the Bahamian flag means. Pirates

Har, Har! Pirates used to roam these islands and who knows... there might still even be buried treasure here!

The ocean around the Bahamas is full of pretty, brightly colored fish, take a look at the fish pages and maybe you'll see some of them when you go snorkelling. Fish

See a colorful map of all the main islands of the Bahamas. Each island has something different and interesting about it... find out more about them.

Do you like plants and flowers? Or shells? ShellOr do you just want to know more cool facts about the Bahamas? It's all here in Cool Things about the Bahamas for kids.

Games & Activities For Kids
Kids in the Bahamas are just like kids everywhere... they love to play games. Here are some games that kids play in the Bahamas. Also, here are some games and activities for you. Take a quiz and find out how much you know about the Bahamas. Play Anagrams, or get some fun ideas for a Show & Tell project at school. Hey Mon! Learn to speak like a Bahamian. Pick up some fun terms from the Bahamian dialect (slang).

Bahamas Pictures to Color
Turtle for ColoringMost kids love coloring... do you? If you like to color you'll like this! Color pictures of a seahorse, a flamingo, a turtle, a pirate ship or even a shark! The Bahamas is full of color so go where your imagination leads you and use lots of colors. Do you know what an iguana is? It's like a large prehistoric lizard that lives on some of the islands on the Bahamas. You can color one here.

Music in the Bahamas
Here is some music for kids in the Bahamas. You'll hear lots of different types of music in the Bahamas, such as calypso, soca, reggae and rake and scrape. Lots of kids love the song "Who Let the Dogs Out". Have you ever heard it? It was made by a Bahamian group called the Bahamen. During the Junkanoo parade Bahamians dance in the streets to the beat of huge drums, the clang of cowbells and the sharp blast of trumpets and whistles. Also, listen to the Bahamas anthem.

Stories of the Bahamas
Lost City of AtlantisThere are many fun stories about the Bahamas. Have you ever heard of Arawak Indians? They were the first people in the Bahamas and greeted Columbus when he landed on San Salvador. Find out more about the history of the Bahamas including the Arawak Indians, Columbus, pirates and Lucayans. Also, read stories about the myths and legends of these islands... some people think the Lost City of Atlantis was near Bimini. Junkanoo is a big parade that happens at Christmas and the New Year. Read the interesting story of where it came from.

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